Magna said it was supplying BMW with Getrag 7DCT300 third generation dual clutch transmissions for large volume transverse vehicle platform (UKL) models including the BMW X1, just-announced updated Mini models plus the BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Tourer.

The supplier said: "With its on-demand actuation, only about 30W of the total consumption is required by the DCT in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Thanks to its intelligent shift strategy, it's also possible to achieve lower fuel consumption than with manual transmissions."

Magna said its dual clutch transmissions have a "high degree of standardised design principles".

"The third generation… is the basis for a variety of efficient and scalable hybrid transmissions. It allows the use of a very compact electric motor within the transmission housing, and the adaption has no impact on the installation length of the transmission. The power of the electric motor can be scaled for various applications from a 48 volt mild hybrid to a plug in hybrid."

"Our highly efficient DCT technology is an optimal solution to address the importance of reducing CO2 emissions," said Swamy Kotagiri, Magna CTO and president of Magna Powertrain.

"With our electrified hybrid transmissions, our eDrive portfolio, and our powertrain system integration ability, we are in a perfect position to support our customers in achieving their clean energy and fuel economy goals."