Jaguar Land Rover chief executive, Thierry Bolloré, has emphasised the firm electric direction of travel the manufacture intends to pursue in the coming few years.

With the UK having some of the most ambitious targets in Europe when it comes to decarbonisation – and with government firmly eyeing the automotive sector – JLR outlined some of its own thoughts in that regard.

“It is clear for Jaguar, we have decided to go fully electric, which means the portfolio by 2025, will be fully electric,” said Bollore at the SMMT International Automotive Summit held both virtually and in person from London. “On the Landrover side, we have a very similar path.

“We know we can offer full electric, sustainable mobility to our customers; it is absolutely major for us. With fully electric, we can offer enhanced capabilities. For the business, it means a lot of investment in technology. We need investments and we need to consider how to master the control points to make sure we are positioned on the new value chain.

“It means the EDU, batteries, the pack and modules, capabilities in software needed to maintain autonomous driving. It is not enough: we need to make sure the eco-system is sure for users, [that it is] seamless. For example, charging infrastructure, you will not even need to think about it.

“The opportunity in the UK is absolutely fantastic. There is a clear orientation [and] we have permanent contact with government and the authorities.”