Energy infrastructure company, Jemena, signed a new deal to supply Australia’s zero emission vehicle industry with renewably-generated hydrogen.

Jemena has committed, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hyundai Australia and Coregas, to produce and deliver hydrogen gas to Hyundai’s Macquarie Park headquarters from early 2021.

“A lack of critical refuelling infrastructure is regularly cited as a handbrake to hydrogen vehicle sales,” said Jemena MD, Frank Tudor.

“Our agreement with Hyundai and Coregas releases some of that pressure and is an opportunity to demonstrate renewably generated hydrogen gas can be made directly available to the vehicle and transport sectors.

“The MOU also signals the wider community benefits of our Western Sydney Green Gas project and demonstrates the value of renewable gas to Australia’s transport industry.”

As part of the deal, Coregas will provide the compressor, pipework and connectors for filling and discharging hydrogen. 

Tudor noted hydrogen gas for transport will be generated as part of Jemena’s A$15m (US$10.7m) Western Sydney Green Gas project, which is being co-funded on a 50% basis by ARENA.

In addition to supporting the hydrogen vehicle industry, the project will also produce hydrogen from solar and wind power and test how hydrogen gas can be stored and used across Jemena’s New South Wales gas network.

“We are demonstrating electrolysers not only produce safe and green hydrogen gas to blend with natural gas for home appliances, but that they also enable hydrogen to be made available for zero-emission transportation,” added Tudor.