Toyota says it will continue to stop vehicle production until 22 March at least leading to the loss of 95,000 units as the impact of Japan’s colossal earthquake continues to affect the country.

The world’s largest automaker added it had accounted for all of its employees, but couldn’t vouch for the safety of all family members.

Despite the loss of vehicle manufacture, Toyota noted it would start production of replacement parts from tomorrow (17 March) for vehicles already on the market, as well as parts to be sent overseas for assembly.

However, it appears to be the general uncertainty surrounding the supply chain that is causing the manufacturer to take stock.

“Regarding the supply network we are still working to confirm the actual situation with our suppliers,” a Toyota spokesman in Tokyo told just-auto.

The automaker’s main factories directly owned by TMC are located in central Japan and were not too affected by the massive earthquake, but it has many vehicle manufacturing subsidiaries in the devastated zone.

These suffered a variety of effects such as stamping machines shaken out of position as well as damaged walls and pipes. A plant producing batteries for hybrid vehicles was also damaged.

“We have been able to account for all our employees, but I am not sure to what extent we have been able to check on families,” said the Toyota spokesman.

In line with many Japanese companies that are helping with rolling blackouts, Toyota is slashing its power use at the main Tokyo headquarters. “The light is pretty much cut, we don’t have lights in the hallways, there is very, very strict use of light,” said the spokesman.

“Our first floor lobby where we have cars on display is totally blacked out all day long.”