Japan's new vehicle market continued to recover in November 2020, with sales rising by 6.7% to 411,601 units from weak year earlier sales of 385,858 units, according to registration data released by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

The economy rebounded strongly in the third quarter by 23% year on year after plunging by 29% in the previous quarter as domestic consumption and exports plummeted due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. More recent economic indicators point to continued recovery in the fourth quarter. 

Vehicle sales in the first 11 months of the year were still down by 13% to 4,218,719 units compared with 4,850,341 units a year earlier, with passenger car and truck sales both falling by 13% to 3,494,781 units and 715,219 units respectively, while bus and coach sales declined by almost 31% to 8,719 units. 

Toyota was one of the best-performing major brands year to date with sales falling by just over 7% to 1,335,255 units while second-placed Suzuki reported an almost 11% decline to 579,660 units, Honda 573,686 (-16%), Daihatsu 544,370 (-12%), Nissan 432,259 (-19%) and Mazda 164,155 (-13%).

Sales of imported vehicles fell by 3.6% to 22,930 units in November and by over 15% to 228,034 units year to date.