Nissan is increasing procurement of components from Toyota suppliers, leaving behind the traditional ‘keiretsu’ system and pursuing best-price and quality.

Toyota’s biggest affiliate, Denso, is to supply a common rail fuel injection system for the diesel version of Nissan’s X-Trail SUV. The orders are worth Y1.5 billion (US$12.6 million) so far this year, in comparison to Y300 million for the whole of 2000.

Aisin Seiki, another Toyota supplier, is delivering seat parts, intake manifolds, aluminum bumpers and door parts to Nissan for use in its remodelled Cima (Infiniti Q45) luxury vehicle.

Previously, the firm only supplied seat parts for the old Cima model. From fiscal 2001/02, Aisin Seiki Co. will ship car body parts for new Nissan models assembled in North America.

Another Toyota supplier, Aisan Industry, is expanding its supply of a module component to Nissan that consists of an accelerator pedal fitted with an angle sensor.

Aisan Industry expects sales to Nissan to reach Y550 million in fiscal 2001/02, an eight-fold increase.