Mazda Motor Corporation has commenced commercial leasing of its Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, claiming it is the first automaker to begin commercial leasing of a hydrogen hybrid; the first units will be delivered to local government authorities and energy-related companies this year.

The company had previously ‘commercialised’ the unique RX-8 Hydrogen RE sportscar.

The latest cae has a series-type hybrid drivetrain, which combines a hydrogen rotary engine with an electric motor. The engine output is converted to electricity, which then powers the motor that drives the wheels. This hybrid system boosts the hydrogen fuel range to 200km (120 miles), twice the range of the RX-8 Hydrogen RE, and increases the maximum output by approximately 40%, to 110kW.

The car can run on petrol if hydrogen is unavailable, and interior parts are made from plant-derived biotechmaterials.