Honda on Thursday said it is recalling 111,510 minivans sold in Japan to fix problems with the vehicles’ headlights.

The Associated Press (AP) noted that the announcement comes after Honda on Tuesday said it was recalling 158,187 other cars sold in Japan, the United States and some 39 other countries to fix similar problems with headlights or faulty taping that covers electric circuits in the luggage areas of some vehicles.

Dealerships in Japan reported 42 cases of a defective seal around the minivans’ headlamps letting in water, which short-circuited the lights, Honda said in a statement cited by AP. There were no reports of accidents caused by the problem, it said.

Affected by the recall are 111,510 Stream minivans sold in Japan and produced between October 2000 and February 2002. The model [built on a stetched Civic platform] is sold overseas but those vehicles are fitted with different headlights, Honda spokesman Kazuro Suda told the Associated Press.