Global production by Toyota, Nissan and Mazda rose in January but fell at Honda and Mitsubishi Motors, Associated Press (AP) reported, citing company statements.

Worldwide production at Toyota climbed 10.2% year on year last month to 528,098 vehicles, while domestic production inched down 1.5% to 294,910 vehicles. Overseas production surged 29.7% to 233,188 vehicles.

Global production rose at Nissan in January by 8.9% to 249,365 vehicles as overseas production jumped 20.2% to 135,758 on healthy demand for the Quest minivan and Titan pickup in North America. Production in Japan slipped 2.1% to 113,607 vehicles, AP said.

Mazda reported a rise in both domestic and overseas production for the month and reportedly said production in Japan climbed 6.9% to 65,974 vehicles while production abroad soared 47.5% to 24,434 vehicles.

Mazda has just begun building the 6 station wagon derivative at its AutoAlliance plant in the US, according to Automotive News.

Associated Press said Honda’s January worldwide production dropped 9% to 240,788 vehicles, domestic production plunged 15.9% to 90,902 vehicles and overseas production was down 4.3% at 149,886 vehicles.

Mitsubishi Motors’ global production dropped 14.1% year on year to 114,536 vehicles while Japanese production was down 4% at 60,060 vehicles.

Offshore production plummeted 23% to 54,476 vehicles as production slowed in the United States and Europe, Associated Press added.