Hyundai Motor Company (the brand not the group) has announced its 2020 global sales performance, which recorded a 15.4 percent decline from a year earlier amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Led by the popularity of SUV models and eco-friendly line-up, it said sales in the Korea market increased 6.2 percent to 787,854 units while those out of Korea dropped 19.8 percent as sluggish economic activity dented auto demand in most regions.

While competition in global automotive markets gets ever fiercer this year amid recovering auto demand worldwide, Hyundai aims to sell 4.16 million units around the globe in 2021 with optimized business strategies by each region. The company targets to sell 741,500 units in Korea and 3.41 million units in overseas markets.

For December, monthly sales totaled 373,970 units including 305,484 for overseas markets.

The company says it will continue implementing diverse measures to take care of its customers and to offer the world-best products meeting their needs. Furthermore, the company plans to solidify its global leadership in eco-friendly mobility market with the launch of upcoming IONIQ 5—its first dedicated BEV model.