Hyundai has revealed a video themed ‘For Tomorrow We Won’t Wait,’ featuring BTS (a Korean pop band), to celebrate Earth Day (April 22). Hyundai is investing considerable sums in hydrogen tech and is also part of a big Korean government backed initiative to push hydrogen energy capabilities in the country.

In the video, Hyundai Motor and BTS suggest eco-friendly practices in daily lives, highlighting Hyundai Motor’s vision for a sustainable future.

The video will be uploaded on Hyundai Motor’s official YouTube and other SNS channels

It is Hyundai Motor’s second Earth Day video starring BTS, the first of which was released last year, generating over 100 million views on YouTube. Hyundai Motor has collaborated with BTS on its global hydrogen campaign since last year to spread awareness on the importance of sustainable practices and the future of hydrogen as a source of clean energy under the slogan ‘Because of You.’

“Hyundai Motor and BTS have continued to work together to spread the values of sustainability to the world,” said Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor. “The MZ generation’s growing awareness of how their lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions are impacting the environment has led them to seek greener solutions for their daily needs.”

The video shows BTS members ‘taking part in simple eco-friendly activities that can easily be incorporated into everyday routines, in an effort to encourage others to do the same’.