Canadian battery material specialist, Hydro-Québec is partnering with Mercedes-Benz  as part of the automaker’s research and development activities with electric vehicles.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Mercedes-Benz – to pursue our research further,” said Hydro-Québec GM, Karim Zaqhib.

“Our association will allow us to test new materials quickly in field conditions and so accelerate the development cycle and respond to the concerns of automobile manufacturers.”

For his part, Mercedes-Benz Development eDrive VP, Jochen Hermann, added: “The battery is a key component of our electric vehicles. Mastering their chemistry is therefore a focal topic for Mercedes-Benz research and development.

“Solid-state batteries are supposed to be a next important technology leap for e-mobility, meaning an alternative to today’s li-ion battery systems. The latest advancements Hydro-Québec researchers have made are very promising and we are looking forward to the first results of our joint development programme.”

The joint research activities will be carried out at Hydro-Québec’s Centre of Excellence in transportation electrification and energy storage in Canada as well as the SCE France laboratory, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary.