Isuzu Motors and Honda Motor have agreed a deal for Honda to develop and supply the fuel cell system for a heavy duty truck Isuzu is planning to put on sale in 2027.

Joint R&D efforts produced a fuel cell powered heavy duty truck that has been granted a Japanese licence plate number for use on public roads

The two automakers believe fuel cell technology, using hydrogen as fuel resulting in no CO2 emissions, will be effective to achieve carbon neutrality of heavy duty trucks which are required to address large load capacity, long time use, long distance driving and the need for quick refueling.

Since the signing of an agreement in January 2020, to conduct joint research on heavy duty trucks using fuel cells (FC) as the powertrain, the two companies have been working toward the establishment of a foundation for basic technologies such as ensuring the compatibility of fuel cells and heavy duty trucks and the development of vehicle control technology.

The two companies are currently planning to start demonstration testing of a prototype truck on public roads before the end of the current fiscal year next March.