Hankook has officially opened its newly- constructed test centre on the premises of Applus+ in Idiada, Spain.

The news follows similar moves at the supplier’s Technotrac winter tyre proving ground in Ivalo, Finland and the opening of the Hankook Nürburgring Workshop at the end of 2021.

All areas that previously had to be accommodated separately on the premises, are now housed under one roof in the new workshop due to growth in testing and development requirements in recent years.

The new Hankook workshop is located on the premises of operator, Applus+, which is around 37 miles from Barcelona. Hankook and Applus+ have partnered for 16 years.

The workshop is equipped with automated and paperless test logistics from the recording of results to storage and transport processing. The on-site team of around 20, which is affiliated with the Hankook Europe Technical Centre (ETC), also has access to its offices, lounges and social areas.

“Having been operating from the premises since summer last year, we are delighted to have now been able to hold the official opening of the new test centre, even though it was on a smaller scale due to the pandemic,” said Hankook head of the European Research and Development Centre in Hanover, Klaus Krause.

“The equipment in our new workshop not only allows us to ensure optimal conditions and services, but also to implement the tyre tests even more efficiently, which are a crucial part of our development work.”

Hankook is an original equipment partner for car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW. The company has been expanding its capacities in the area since 1997 when the ETC was opened.

Hankook has production and indoor test plants in Hungary, the European proving ground for winter tyres in Finland, the ETC and the newly opened Nürburgring Workshop in Germany, as well as the test centre in Spain.