VW Group CEO, Martin Winterkorn , has told a conference in Stuttgart that the diesel engine is a better low emission solution than hybrid drive.

Winterkorn was speaking on Monday night at a conference organized by the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper on the German automotive industry and demands for CO2 reduction. He said that, in Tokyo, where vehicles are often stuck in traffic jams, the hybrid drive is ‘perhaps the right solution.” However, on the open road, hybrid drives are not ideal, because the car has to haul around a huge battery in the trunk.

Winterkorn said; “Hybrid is not the only solution, but it is one of the many options we have to reduce emissions.”

Winterkorn said that the German automotive industry has not been open enough in explaining what it has been doing to reduce fuel consumption. He said that German OEMs have nothing to be ashamed of. “We have been putting a lot of money into the development of fuel efficient engines.”