Mercedes-Benz has posted February sales up 13% to 72,100 units, with total deliveries up 18% since the beginning of the year.

The automaker said it expected the imminent launch of two new models – the E-Class convertible and the SLS AMG to boost sales.

“This sales result is the basis for strong sales in the first quarter and allows us to expand our market position for the full year,” said sales and marketing chief Joachim Schmidt .

“We will get a boost from our competitive range of products – especially the new E-Class models – as well as from our growth in key regions such as China and the U.S.”

In China, sales of Mercedes-Benz sold twice as many units compared to the previous year at 7,300 passenger vehicles.

“No other premium brand saw sales increase as much in China,” Schmidt claimed. “In 2010, we aim to sell more than 100,000 units [there].”

Sales were also up in Australia (+46%), South Korea (+177%), South Africa (+18%), Turkey (+63%) and Brazil (+23%).

In the US, Mercedes-Benz increased sales by 5% last month to 14,900 units, while Canada rose 30% to a record 1,800 units.

Deliveries in western Europe (excluding Germany) rose in February by 12% to 18,000 vehicles, largely driven by the UK (+48%), France (+13%) and Spain (+49%).

Interestingly, the company’s home market showed a fall in deliveries down 6% to 15,000.

6,600 Smarts were sold worldwide in February but this was down 24%.