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BMW is planning to close its Regensburg plant for an extra 14 days over the winter break.

According to Automobilwoche, the shut-down will allow the plant to produce 9,000 fewer cars than originally planned.

The plant will be closed from 8 December 2008 to 7 January 2009. The winter break had originally been scheduled from 22 December to 6 January.

Other plants are also affected by extended shutdowns that will allow BMW to reduce production by 40,000 units this year. Originally BMW had planned to cut production by 25,000 units, but the new target was set after poor third quarter results.

BMW’s plant in Leipzig, in eastern Germany, is affected less than Regensburg. Production will remain at the full capacity of 700 units a day until 18 November. Production will stop on 20 and 21 November for a local public holiday (as planned for a long time). Then, from 24 November to 19 December, production will be reduced to 400 cars a day by axing one shift. The Christmas break will last two weeks. Overall, 5,000 fewer cars will be produced.

At BMW’s largest plant, Dingolfing, the holidays have been extended by a few days and will now run from 19 December to 9 January. Some individual shifts will also be cut.