Mazda is working on second generation Skyactiv technology which will double the efficiency achieved by the first generation which arrives this year.

“By 2015 almost all Mazda vehicles will use Sky technology,” said Seita Kanai, head of research and development. “This will make cars 23% more efficient.

“Then, between 2016 and 2020, we roll out second generation Skyactiv which will reduce emissions by the same amount again,” he added.

This will be achieved by applying lean-burn technology to the engines – something not done with the first generation – while continuing to reduce vehicle weight and improve transmission efficiency.

“We have reduced weight by 100kg with generation one and will do the same again with generation two,” he said.

While hybrids can reduce emissions by between 40-45%, the big advantage of Mazda’s approach is that it is applied to all models in the range so it is technology from which all customers benefit.

“[It] is affordable but our yardstick is not just emissions and fuel economy but ‘zoom-zoom’ – our cars must be fun to drive,” Kanai said. “Many customers will sympathise with that.”

The ultimate zoom-zoom is a sports car but the MX-5, with emissions of between 170g/km and 180g/km is not sustainable.

“To make it sustainable we have to dramatically improve emissions otherwise it’s only available to a few customers – but we want everyone to enjoy it.”

By 2015, nearly every Mazda will benefit from Skyactiv with the first car for Europe, the CX-5 crossover, unveiled in Geneva as the Minagi concept.

Photo: headlineauto