Johnson Controls says it will present a concept at Frankfurt that addresses urban mobility trends towards lightweight, individual design solutions and autonomous driving.

Johnson Controls says that SD15 features a simulated vehicle environment with a focus on first- and second-row seating while addressing the three automotive megatrends from a seating perspective: autonomous driving, lightweight, and increasing customer demands towards individualisation and style for future urban mobility.

“The SD15 is based on extensive proprietary research conducted by Johnson Controls that explored what consumers expect as car seating in 2020 and beyond,” said Beda Bolzenius, president of Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. “The driver side demonstrates superior comfort and the passenger side showcases features that maximise cargo capacity and interior flexibility.”

Further, Johnson Controls says the jet printed seat covers of the SD15 show what Johnson Controls can do in terms of individualisation. The weight and space saving multi-material seats padded with highly ergonomic foam parts pave the way towards the demands of lightweight design. Many SD15 features support the megatrend of autonomous driving in the future “multi-talented” vehicle seat, the company says.