Plastic Omnium Automotive has recorded third quarter growth of 7.5%, while for the first nine months of this year, sales reached EUR4.08bn (US$4.5bn), up 4.8% at constant exchange rates.

Third quarter sales in Europe grew by 12.9%, driven by 27 new programme launches in the first half of the year, while 34 additional ones are planned in the second half of the year.

Business increased 3.2% in North America, while the Group's automotive business in China was stable during the period, despite automotive manufacturing being down in the country by 6.9%.

The Group's automotive business sales in China for the first nine months of the year reached EUR338m or 8% of overall revenue. 

"Results as of end-September confirm 2015 results will indeed see growth, as anticipated," said a Plastic Omnium statement. "Plastic Omnium has a strong order book resulting in significant gains in market shares in automotive body components and fuel systems.

"The Group emphasises once again the strong performance of its innovative and efficient offers in polluting emissions reduction systems (CO2 and NOx), whose development is favoured by increasingly strict environmental regulations."