Growth outside Europe offset a 9.1% decline there and limited Renault‘s first-half drop in sales to 1,266,343 vehicles, off 3.8%.

The Renault group holds a 3.6% share of the world market. Sales outside Europe grew 10.1% to 400,412 units and accounted for 31.6% of group sales in H1 2007, up from 27.6% a year ago.

Renault claimed leadership of the European LCV market, with 166,148 vehicles registered for 14.3% market share.

Worldwide sales of Logan were 158,913 vehicles (Renault and Dacia brands), a 28.4% increase compared to H1 2006.

Patrick Blain, executive vice-president, sales and marketing, said: “In Europe, as announced, the first half remained on a downtrend, but sales will start to bounce back in the second half with the arrival of the new Twingo and Laguna. Outside Europe, sales growth will remain strong in the second half.”

Worldwide sales of the Renault brand contracted 4.9%. Outside Europe, Renault expanded with sales up 17.9%.

Renault Samsung Motors dipped 1.5% with 56,824 units sold and worldwide sales of Dacia rose 8% to 111,834 vehicles sold.

In Europe, Renault group sales sank 9.1% to 865,931 units and Renault brand sales shrank 10.6% but Dacia continued to grow with a 42.1% upswing in sales, to 37,854 units sold. At the beginning of the year, the range was extended with a station wagon, the Logan MCV, which has been a success all over Europe.

Renault group sales increased by 27.3% in the Americas, 5.2% in Euromed, and 2.3% in Asia-Pacific.