Ford said sales in China passed 100,000 vehicles in June, up 15% year on year, and a record for the month.

In the second quarter, sales rose 7% to about 282,000.

Year to date volume was down 7%, to 540,000 units.

Sales by car JV Changan Ford Automobile (CAF) last month rose 9% to 70,000 vehicles and a June record but, again, YTD volume was off, by 17% to about 360,000 vehicles.

Commercial vehicle JV iangling Motor Corporation (JMC) boosted volume 27% to more than 24,000 vehicles last month, setting records both for June
and the second quarter.

YTD sales were also up – to over 140,000 vehicles, up 18%.

By brand, Lincoln sold nearly 4,200 vehicles in June, an 84% increase while the YTD tally was about double at 25,000.

Ford said Chinese buyers continued to like sedans with June sales of the Escort, Focus, Mondeo and Taurus collectively up 17%.
compared to June 2016.

Sales of imports including Explorer and Mustang rose 29%.

Sales of Lincoln SUVs rose 30% with 1,400 MKCs finding buyers.

JMC light trucks and the Yusheng brand SUVs helped drive a 27% increase for JMC. More than 9,000 light trucks were sold in June, up 20% year over year.