Five organisations – Continental Structural Plastics (CSP), Inapal Plasticos, Benet Automotive, CSP Victall and Teijin Automotive Center Europe (TACE) – have come together under a single brand to form Teijin Automotive Technologies, a specialist in composite materials for auto and other industries.

The manufacturer of highly-engineered materials claims the ability to supply consistent materials and components across North America, Europe and Asia, a capability no other supplier can provide.

The new organisation includes Teijin’s automotive composites team in Japan and has 29 “strategically located” manufacturing and technical centres.

“With the integration of these organisations, we can supply expertise in a wide range of materials allowing us to develop solutions that address our customers’ most difficult design challenges,” said Steve Rooney, CEO of Teijin Automotive Technologies and general manager, Teijin Composites Business Unit.

“Now, as Teijin Automotive Technologies, we are able to develop new materials, source them where and when they are needed, and provide the expertise that meets the world’s ever-changing mobility needs.”

This move establishes a single organisation with global reach and 5,400 employees. This unification further strengthens capabilities as a vertically integrated, full service supplier that develops materials.

Teijin Automotive Technologies is currently engaged in a variety of research projects aimed at making its operations and products more environmentally friendly. These include carbon footprint analysis, complete life cycle assessment of composite materials and material recycling processes.

“By identifying sources of CO2 emissions in our materials and processes, we will identify ways to reduce our environmental impact and establish targets for long-term improvement,” it said in a statement.