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Faurecia invests in uMist Technologies

16 Sep 2021

Aftertreatment solution reduces NOx emissions.

Faurecia has acquired the intellectual property assets of uMist, a Swedish start-up specialised in biomimetic spray technology, to accelerate its technology for commercial vehicle ultra-low emissions.

Faurecia has developed an aftertreatment solution known as the Heated Doser, which cuts NOx emissions and enables reduced fuel consumption for commercial vehicles using diesel internal combustion engines.

Through its ability to operate at low temperatures, the technology enables compliance with the next wave of regulations (EPA2027, EuroVII), reducing NOx emissions by 90%.

The uMist technology will enable Faurecia to maximise the performance of the Heated Doser, by generating a high-pressure and high-temperature mist composed of extremely small droplets, which optimises NOx reduction for diesel internal combustion engines.

“The entire commercial vehicle and industrial exhaust aftertreatment markets are set to represent EUR2.4bn (US$2.8bn) by 2030 and Faurecia intends to lead these,” said VP Commercial Vehicles and Industrial Division of Faurecia Clean Mobility, Benjamin Thibout.

“The acquisition of this patents portfolio from uMist enable us to accelerate our willingness to accompany OEMs in meeting stringent future emissions regulations for Internal Combustion Engines [ICE].

“As our hydrogen technology develops and matures for zero-emission commercial vehicles, these solutions will co-exist with diesel ICEs.”

For his part, uMist CEO, Thomas Podkolinski, added: “Our latest deal with Faurecia is both a testament to the progress we are making with this amazing technology, as well as confirmation of Faurecia’s commitment to being at the forefront of the industry through innovation and engineering excellence.

“We look forward to seeing the technology within the marketplace over the coming years and having the impact both environmentally, and commercially, we believe it capable of.”

UMist Technologies is part of the Swedish Biomimetics 3000 company.