car makers produced 142,459 vehicles in February, an increase of 14.7 percent
over the 124,122 made in January, according to the Brazilian National Automaker’s
Association Anfavea, writes Rogério Louro Alves.

Compared with the same period in 2000, production was up 7.2 percent.

Vehicles sales in Brazil also increased last month. In February, 115,474 Brazilian-made
vehicles were sold, an increase of 12.9 percent over the 102,262 units sold
in January. The result was 14.7 percent up compared with the 100,671 vehicles
sold in February 2000.

Total vehicle sales for February reached 131,142 units compared with 121,319
in January, an increase of 8.1 percent. Compared with the 111,400 units sold
in February 2000, the gain was 17.3 percent.

February exports grew 15.1 percent to 23,923 vehicles compared with the 20,786
vehicles exported in January. But exports declined 15.1 percent compared with
February 2000.

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