Argentinean manufacturers produced 25,714 vehicles in June, according to the
Argentinean Automakers Association (Adefa), writes Rogério Louro Alves.

This was 10.1 percent down on the 28,614 units built in May.

In the first half of 2001, Argentina produced 133,574 vehicles, a decrease
of 19.1 percent compared with the 165,030 units built in the same period last

Vehicle sales increased 16.3 percent to 15,309 units in June compared with
the 13,169 sold in May.

But first half sales of 96,429 vehicles were down 41.4 percent on the 164,659
units sold in the first half of 2000.

In June 19,986 Argentinean vehicles were exported, an increase of 1.3 percent
over the 19,727 units shipped in May.

Between January and June this year, Argentina exported 92,387 vehicles, up
70.9 percent on the same period last year when 54,057 units were shipped.

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