Enel Group global business line has partnered with Jaguar Land Rover Italia for electric mobility.

The agreement with Enel X will be to develop solutions for the electric Jaguar I-Pace, Jaguar and Land Rover PHEVs and all the plug-in vehicles arriving on the market.

Enel X’s JuicePack is the package of offers to meet the various needs of full electric or PHEV vehicle use and is divided into two areas: Home and Street.

With JuicePack Home – Private Charging, the customer can top up their vehicle at home, the office or in any private place, using the JuiceBox Pro Cellular; the new Enel X home charging device, with Modo 3 cable integrated, available in 7.4 and 11 kW versions.

With JuicePack Street – Public Charging, customers can top up their vehicle using the JuicePass App at more than 12,000 Enel X charging points throughout Italy, in addition to the charging points of Enel X’s partners.

They can also leverage additional benefits through the Enel X Card which comes, as an alternative to the App, with two years of charging infrastructure booking and an initial bonus of 200 kWh of energy for public charging.

“Thanks to this agreement with Jaguar Land Rover in Italy, we have further added to our commitment to work with the most important global car manufacturing brands and provide the best charging technologies available on the market today to anyone choosing to go electric,” said Enel X CEO, Francesco Venturini.

“The work we have done over recent years means today electric mobility is no longer a mere alternative to traditional mobility, but a concrete reality and starting from this assumption we are continuing to innovate to provide ever faster charging solutions, which are easy to use and suitable for both the public and home environments.”