The Eberspaecher Group of companies is expanding in electrical vehicle heaters by acquiring the Paul Rauschert Steinbach production plant in Hermsdorf, Thuringia, with around 80 employees. The site is a new Eberspaecher facility which will manufacture PTC heating elements.

The ceramic elements are an integral part of PTC heating systems for automotive applications. Eberspaecher has been producing electrical vehicle heaters for more than 15 years. "The increase in vertical integration in the area of PTC technology brings decisive advantages," said Andreas Schwarzer, general manager at Eberspaecher.

"Eberspaecher can both increase security of supply and expand the technology leadership, in particular in the field of high-voltage applications."

The Rauschert Group has comprehensive technical ceramics know-how. Since 2002, PTC components have been manufactured in a complex production process at the Hermsdorf location.

PTC heating technology offers comfort with the rapid availability of warm air in the vehicle interior, and has gained more importance in the automotive industry in the last few years. Increased electrification requires increased electrical heating power, particularly in hybrid and electric vehicles, since the exhaust heat from the internal combustion engine no longer comes into play. The powerful PTC elements provide high heat output with low surface temperatures and are extremely reliable and intrinsically safe. They can also easily be adapted to different voltages and can cover a wide performance range. The integrated electronic system controls the desired heating power completely independently. With compact dimensions and low weight, they are optimal for the lightweight construction of modern vehicles.