Dongfeng Motor announced at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition it planned to begin production of the first model under its Voyah (Lantu) premium electric vehicle brand in 2021.

The automaker, based in Guangzhou in southern China, said it eventually planned to sell a total of nine models under the Voyah brand starting with the battery powered SUV based on the iFree concept it displayed at the show.

The automaker the iFree has the same design philosophy as the iLand concept, which was unveiled two months ago in Wuhan in Hubei province.

Voyah has developed a modular electric vehicle platform called the Electric, Smart and Secure Architecture, which can accommodate multiple power choices and software updates.

Dongfeng Motor confirmed the Voyah iFree was currently undergoing tests around the world and would meet consumers’ expectations for style, performance, intelligence and quality.

Voyah CEO Lu Fang said the aim was to establish Voyah as a leading brand in China’s high-end premium electric vehicle segment. The company planned to launch at least one model per year from next year to cover all major segments of the market, including sedans, SUVs and MPVs within five years.