The Daimler owned car2go car-sharing community has grown to exceed 2m. In September, the company crossed the 2m customer mark. The 2m customers worldwide include more than 1.1m in Europe, of whom more than 550,000 are in Germany.

“car2go has a unique growth story,” said Olivier Reppert, global CEO of car2go. “car2go was first to market with free-floating car-sharing in 2009, and since then we have been able to captivate more people in more cities. We plan to continue this growth story consistently.”

Over the past year, car2go membership grew by a significant 43%. This underscores the rapid growth in the fully flexible car-sharing sector. Every 1.5 seconds, one of car2go’s 14,000 vehicles worldwide takes a car2go member where they need to go. Primary growth drivers of the past year were the market launches in Spain and China: car2go gained more than 100,000 new members in Chongqing, China and Madrid, Spain.

The introduction of four-door Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA vehicles to car2go’s European fleet also brought new customers.

The ten highest ranking car2go cities in terms of customer numbers are:
Berlin (141,000 customers)
Hamburg (134,000 customers)
Rome (125,000 customers)
Milan (119,000 customers)
Vancouver (118,000 customers)
Chongqing (113,000 customers)
Vienna (113,000 customers)
Madrid (112,000 customers)
Calgary (99,000 customers
Rhineland (83,000 customers)

car2go’s free-floating car-sharing concept does not use fixed rental stations. Instead, vehicles are spread throughout a city. car2go members simply use the car2go app on their smart-phone to unlock, drive and park their car2go in any legal parking space within that car2go location’s Home Area.