Daimler's Mercedes-Benz said it started the third quarter of 2019 with a new sales record for July – 188,857 cars delivered (+12.7% year on year).

Double-digit growth in unit sales was achieved in all regions and core markets in July.

"We are very satisfied with the start to the third quarter. The best July of all time for Mercedes-Benz unit sales confirms our positive expectations for the coming months," said Britta Seeger, head of marketing and sales.

In Europe, 73,633 vehicles were sold in July (+12.3%). Sales of 26,331 units in Germany, the domestic market, were 18.2% higher. YTD unit sales of 173,682 cars were flat.

A new July record was set for deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region, where 82,039 cars were sold (+11.6%). In China, the region's core market, 59,435 vehicles were sold in July (+13%). YTD sales were up 2.9% to 404,092 units.

In the NAFTA region, July sales rose 17.5% to 29,241 cars. United States sales rose 22.9% to 24,612 but were off 3.8% YTD to 172,008 vehicles.

Last month, the new B-Class achieved strong worldwide growth of 52.7%.


From January to July, Smart sales fell 10% to 69,329 cars. But there were YTD rises in Germany (+8.2%), France (+22.3%), Portugal (+3.4%), Belgium (+6.9%), Switzerland (+14.7%) and Austria (+44.8%).