Dacia’s “mechanical and chassis plant” shut down for several days from yesterday, Monday, 14 March, “due to the decrease in gearbox [supplies]” from Renault plants in Russia, according to Profit.ro, cited by romania-insider.com.

Separately, the report said, Agerpres cited minister of economy Florin Spataru as saying “the Romanian automobile industry,” with no reference to a specific plant, was facing bottlenecks in the supply chain with “essential parts” imported from Russia and Ukraine “missing”.

Romania-insider.com said the war in Ukraine and the economic sanctions imposed on Russia were “adding more pain” following the microprocessor shortage.

The report added Renault – Dacia’s owner – was the only major global automaker which hasn’t pulled back either on trade with Russia or from production at local factories.

It said problems mentioned by minister Spataru were most likely linked to wiring systems made in western Ukraine and not necessarily with the suppliers in Russia that Renault may share with Dacia.

The Romanian automobile plants (Dacia and Ford Craiova) had operated normally until recently.