Continental is teaming with wireless connectivity provider, Carnegie Technologies to ensure vehicle manufacturers and drivers can use reliable network connections.

The agreement will see Continental resell Carnegie Technologies’ Network Convergence Platform and integrate it into Continental’s Smart Telematics solution for vehicle manufacturers.

The solution runs on Continental’s next generation telematics control unit (TCU) with a supporting cloud-based component for analytics and diagnostics.

As vehicles move along roads, this technology provides bandwidth aggregation and gapless handover of calls and data for faster speeds and seamless switching between different networks, such as Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and satellite.

These capabilities are essential for new data-intensive applications such as autonomous driving and over-the-air vehicle updates. In addition to terrestrial networks, Continental is developing over-the-air updates via satellite communication together with the mobile satellite communications company Inmarsat.

By using Inmarsat’s global satellite network, Continental enables its customers to remotely update vehicles anywhere in the world, allowing them to run global update campaigns without the complexity of dealing with multiple mobile network operators.

“Over-the-air updates are an essential requirement for holistically connected vehicles and smart mobility,” said Continental head of Infotainment & Connectivity, Johann Hiebl.

“To turn wireless updates into a standard for future vehicles, updates need to be seamless, fast and available everywhere.

“Together with Inmarsat and Carnegie Technologies we are now able to fully support our customers and provide the best solutions for drivers around the globe.”