As first reported in Japan back in 2008, Toyota Motor has launched its Camry petrol-electric hybrid sedan in China – it is assembled by the automaker’s joint venture marketing and manufacturing company in Guangzhou.

Sales of the Camry Hybrid started at 107 dealers, initially mainly in coastal areas, and will be expanded to cover the entire dealer network of the joint venture, GAC Toyota Motor, the Japanese automaker told Kyodo News.

The price of the hybrid ranges from CNY319,800 ($US46,800; EUR34,400)to CNY364,800 ($53,400; EUR39,200) and the sales target is 500 a month.

The Camry Hybrid is the fifth Toyota hybrid to go on sale in China.

The company has been marketing hybrids in China since the end of 2005 when the locally assembled Prius went on sale there.

Toyota expects robust demand for the hybrid version of the Camry as the petrol version has been popular there.

The automaker said it had sold some 580,000 units of the non-hybrid version of the Camry in China from its debut in June 2006 through the end of February 2010.