The Institute of Transport Management has awarded the Skamp range of products its “In-vehicle communications, Security and Tracking Company 2000” accreditation, making Skynet one of their “Best in Class” organisations for the year 2000.

The Institute of Transport management was formed in 1977 to highlight and promote the fleet management profession through research into all aspects of fleet management.

The Institute of Transport Management issued the following statement:

“Following a rigorous research and selection process, conducted over the past 12 months, the Awards Committee at the Institute of Transport Management has decided to accredit Skamp with its “In-Vehicle communications, security and tracking company 2000” accreditation in recognition of its exemplary role as a major player in the provision of state of the art integrated, modular automotive Telematics equipment.

The following statement is issued by the awards committee in respect of their decision to recognise SKAMP: Having reviewed the fleet management committee’s research on the nominees for the Institute’s. “In-vehicle” communications, security and tracking company 2000″, the awards committee was unanimous in its choice of Skamp for accreditation.

“In coming to its conclusion, the committee was cognitive of its responsibility to invest its accreditation in a company which has revolutionised the technology of vehicle security and tracking, In successfully combining the technologies for mobile phones (GSM), global positioning satellite systems (GPS), and incorporating Short Messaging Service (SMS) and a remotely activated immobilising system, Skamp has made available unrivalled fleet security and fleet management facilities.

“Skamp deserves to be lauded for developing a vehicle security system which incorporates a suite of major operating features in one device incorporating vehicle security, driver and passenger security, telecommunications, mapping, pro-active routing, as well as full concierge service and Internet access.

Commenting on the award, Administrator of the ITM, Bridget Moncrieff, said: “I am delighted with the outcome of the Fleet Manager’s committee’s research and the decision to award Skamp with the “In-vehicle communications, security and tracking company 2000.” I have observed with much interest the progress of the research process and am fully in agreement that Skamp should be officially acknowledged for its role in progressing the status of the vehicle security and tracking sector by developing a system that exploits the advantages of satellite navigation and complex telematics for the benefit of the fleet management sector.

“In assessing the technological benefits of Skamp over its competitors, the awards committee highlighted the two-way communications features combined with the ‘geofencing’ capabilities of the unit as being of invaluable benefit for fleet management purposes.

“The Skamp’s competitive price benefits combined with the fleet efficiency benefits which ensue from better route navigation as well as the driver-assist features of the ‘Concierge’ service are an important element in its award success.

“In providing a 24-hour pro-active satellite and security system, 365 days a year, with the option of a ‘Concierge’ service, monitored by a multi-lingual Monitoring Service Centre, the Skamp unit is a revolutionary fleet management device.

The Awards committee is in no doubt that the Skamp unit which comes in a range of affordable options from the smallest Skamp Micro, to the Skamp Gateway, Skamp ProActive and Skamp Eva is a deserving recipient of the “In-vehicle communications, security and tracking company 2000.”

Skynet’s Managing Director, Mr David Stead, comments, “Skynet Telematics.Com is delighted to receive this prestigious award from the Institute of Transport Management for our Skamp range of products. I feel that this award is in recognition of the progress that Skynet has made towards offering the Transport industry a communication, security and tracking device that is vital to create efficient and well managed transport companies for the 21st century”.

Skynet Telematics.Com quoted OTC BB symbol “SKYI”, involved in the development, marketing and distribution of integrated telematic, Internet, tracking, location and communication systems and the provision of specialised monitoring and concierge services to users of these products in the UK and throughout Europe. Skynet Telematics.Com have joint venture agreements covering 38 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Skynet’s telematic solutions are available throughout Europe, Middle East and Far East with availability in USA and Canada scheduled for July/August 2000. Skynet’s telematic products now provide full telematics, vehicle security, pro-active tracking, and dedicated Internet Connections for automobiles, fleets, trucks, R.V.s, heavy duty machinery, car rental, coaches, motorbikes, anti-hijack vehicles, available with voice and data communication or with data and positioning, the Skamp range of products is very flexible offering bespoke telematic solutions.

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