Canada’s Big Three car makers reported lower November car and truck sales on Tuesday, but year-to-date sales were ahead across the board, Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, General Motors of Canada said vehicle sales slipped 8.7% to 35,820 in November, but were up nearly 10% so far in 2002 at 468,169.

Ford Canada, which posted the steepest decline in sales among the three car makers, said total vehicle sales were down 16% at 17,813 in November, Reuters said.

According to Reuters, the company also said that “in the final stretch of 2002 it appears the strong market for cars is taking a breather.”

Ford has sold 239,584 cars and trucks since January, up 4.5% from 229,366 in the same period last year, Reuters said.

Reuters reported that DaimlerChrysler Canada said it sold 18,971 cars and trucks in November, a 6.4% drop from the same period last year when it sold 20,260 vehicles.

For the year to date, the company’s total vehicle sales were up 2% at 225,542 from 221,132, Reuters added.