Bridgestone European outlets to add EV chargers - Just Auto
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Bridgestone European outlets to add EV chargers

09 Sep 2021

Service will add 3,500 outlets to an existing network but it won't be free.

EV Box will install a charger network at Bridgestone sites across Europe, including Speedy and First Stop.

The five-year project will begin in France and Italy and expand into the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and other countries.

The network will consist of both normal and fast charging stations  accessible to all EV drivers, both private and fleet vehicles; fast charging ports will be installed on high-demand routes for people in transit to quickly charge.

The network will be operated by TSG which will design, install and maintain it.

The new installs add 3,500 to 130,000 existing ports and payment will require a dedicated card or mobile app.

Bridgestone’s retail network will also offer at-home EV charging stations.