Bridgestone announced it had been selected as the exclusive tyre supplier for the MC20, Maserati's new super sports car.

Bridgestone, an established Maserati supplier, claimed "a significant role in improving the MC20's high performance capacity" with bespoke Potenza tyres "which feature an asymmetric tread design for enhanced steering response and cornering stability, a newly developed tread compound that enhances grip, and an internal crown structure that distributes footprint pressure evenly when cornering. Combined, these elements provide a high-performance tyre which delivers an optimum mix of control, speed and stability that improves the supercar's overall performance".

Both Bridgestone and Maserati used in-house R&D centres and virtual development technology to develop and test the new MC20 and its bespoke tyres. Through its proprietary virtual tyre modelling technology, Bridgestone also reduced the length of the development process, limiting its environmental impact by using less resources and cutting the project's time to market.

This contributed to a more efficient process, with the MC20 design produced in approximately two years. For both industry leaders, incorporating innovative, sustainable technologies is a top priority, with an electric variant of the MC20 planned for sale in the near future.