Bosch and Volkswagen Group software subsidiary, Cariad are teaming on faster availability of automated driving functions for all vehicle classes.

The aim is to provide functions for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group that allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel at times. 

These are so-called Level 2 ‘hands-free’ systems for city, country and motorways, as well as an option in which the vehicle takes over all driving tasks on the motorway (SAE Level 3). The first functions are to be implemented in 2023.

Both companies are jointly developing a uniform software platform for partially and highly automated driving. In the future, it will be used in all privately used vehicle classes of the Volkswagen Group brands. All components of the cooperation can also be integrated into vehicles and ecosystems from other car manufacturers.

“For privately owned cars, the road to driverless driving is a step-by-step process – we at Bosch have been working on this successfully for years,” said Bosch board member, Markus Heyn.

“Together with Cariad, we are now accelerating the market launch of partially and highly automated driving functions in all vehicle classes, making them available to everyone. This will make road traffic safer and more comfortable.

“We can also offer the resulting solutions to our other customers and thus set new standards.”

For his part, Cariad CEO, Dirk Hilgenberg, added: ““Automated driving is a key future area of ​​our industry. Through our cooperation, we will jointly strengthen Germany as a location for innovation. 

“Bosch and Cariad are expanding their expertise in the development of future technologies.”