European automotive and motor trading industries have teamed to launch a campaign to raise awareness about clean diesel, made up of a three-part system combining cleaner fuel, advanced engines and effective emissions control technology.

The campaign,, provides facts, figures and infographics to inform the general public and policy makers and comes on the day (1 September) all new cars sold must meet the latest EU emissions legislation,  Euro 6

Since 1992, the EU has introduced increasingly strict limits on vehicle emissions through a series of ‘Euro’ standards. The latest and most stringent of these standards is Euro 6.

New car models have complied with Euro 6 since September, 2014, and as of today all new cars sold must meet this standard

During the last 15 years, the campagn participants maintain nitrogen oxides (NOx) limits for diesel car engines have been reduced by 84%, and particulates (PM) by 90%. They also say diesel cars also have 15% lower CO2 emissions per kilometre than equivalent petrol-powered vehicles.

The campaign partners: the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (Acea), the Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC), the European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs (CECRA) and the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), are calling for technology-neutral and results-oriented policy to ensure uptake of the latest low-emission vehicles.