The European Commission will hold a meeting with representatives of General Motors and other stakeholders on Friday (March 13).

“We have invited for next Friday the highest representatives from General Motors Europe and Detroit. We hope that the COO from Detroit will be coming,” spokesman Ton van Lierop told a news briefing.

He added that the industry and economy ministers from all 27 EU countries had been invited to the informal meeting and expected those with affected plants and suppliers to attend.

GM Europe submitted a rescue plan for its operations last month under which they would be partly spun off. However, the plan also called for EUR3.3bn in state aid and that has met with a cautious response from national governments, including Germany’s.

“Member states where we have GM sites in Europe should hold an extraordinary meeting and reflect on the way we want to react,” EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen said last week.

“I would like to know what the different member states that have GM sites are considering doing,” he said, adding that he also wanted “any actions in Europe to be coordinated and that it’s not each for himself.”