Ford plans to quadruple the number of SUVs it offers in China over the next year as demand for the vehicle type increases.

It will add the just redesigned Kuga [Escape], EcoSport and the US Explorer, Ford Asia chief Joe Hinrichs told Reuters.

Ford currently sells only the US Edge in China.

“The next phase of our product portfolio growth really is the three SUVs and it’s so important to China because of the SUV segmentation growth we’re seeing,” he told Reuters ahead of the Beijing show. He declined to sayd when each of the SUVs would go on sale in China.

Chinese consumers bought 2.1m SUVs last year, an increase of 25% and representing almost 12% of total light vehicle sales, according to JD Power and LMC Automotive.

Honda’s CR-V was China’s top SUV last year with overall sales of about 160,000.

Ford plans to build the Kuga and EcoSport SUVs in Chongqing, Hinrichs said.