Australian new vehicle sales rose 1.3% year on year to 82,137 units in April 2023.

“Electric vehicles accounted for 8% of sales in April. This is well up from 1.1% compared with April 2022. If you take all forms of electrification, that number has increased from 9.5% to 15.4% and we know that this number would have been larger had the industry not faced global supply challenges,” FCAI chief executive Tony Weber said in a statement.

“It is worth noting that five out of the top 10 models sold in April offer some form of electrification.”

SUVs and light commercial vehicles accounted for 76.8% of sales in April. Passenger vehicles accounted for 18.5% and heavy commercial 4.7%.

Year to date, sales of vehicles sourced from China have increased 68.5% with 13,426 sold in April. Japan remains Australia’s largest source of vehicles (22,304). Thailand is the second largest (15,886) and Korea fourth (12,952).

Toyota led the market with 12,029 vehicles, then Mazda (6,926), Kia (6,200), Hyundai (5,732) and Ford (5,047).

The Ford Ranger was the highest selling model with 3,567 sales, followed by the Toyota Hi-Lux 3,526, Toyota RAV4 (2,198), Tesla Model Y (2,095) and Hyundai i30 (2,029).