Hamburg-based, Ibeo Automotive Systems, is partnering with AAC Technologies.

AAC will become a shareholder of Ibeo, alongside the founders and ZF.

In 2020, Ibeo was the first LiDAR company worldwide to receive a nomination from Great Wall of China for the serial production of a solid-state LiDAR.

Earlier this year, a number of other OEMs also announced they were introducing LiDAR systems to enable automated driving functionalities. Besides addressing the automotive market Ibeo signed a cooperation agreement for volume orders with Sick, an operator in optical sensors for industrial applications, in 2021 to address the industrial market.

AAC complements the existing partnership of Ibeo with ZF, which focuses on the industrialisation of the new ibeoNEXT. In addition, the newly formed partnership with AAC will open access for Ibeo to other potential applications for Ibeo’s solid-state LiDAR in other markets, for example, consumer electronics.

“We welcome AAC as a partner willing to strongly support our common LiDAR activities for automotive as well as industrial and consumer electronics applications,” said ZF Electronics and Advanced Driver Assist Systems division EVP, Christophe Marnat.

For his part, Ibeo Automotive Systems CEO, Ulrich Lages, added: “The partnership with AAC is the next milestone for Ibeo after signing the world’s first serial contract for automotive solid-state LiDARs in 2020.

“It will enable us to strengthen our technology leadership and bring us closer to our goal of becoming a Top-3 automotive LiDAR supplier. This close cooperation with AAC, combined with continued support from ZF as our industrialisation partner, will open doors to new and enriching opportunities for all parties involved.”