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The transformation of the Automotive CIO: Mamatha Chamarthi

21 Oct 2021 (Last Updated November 9th, 2021 10:44)

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As the technology universe remains in a constant state of flux, the roles we perform begin to shape-shift. As vehicles become more and more reliant on computers and software to operate, information technology (IT) has gone from the back-office to front and center in the car business. Automotive has become a high-technology industry where car companies need to compete with the best from Silicon Valley. These changes continuously redefine the paradigm as software takes on greater significance within the automotive industry and the role of the  Chief Information Officer (CIO) transforms and expands.

In this episode of the Women Driving the Future series, Ed Bernardon talks to Mamatha Chamarthi, Head of Software, Business, and Product management for Stellantis, where she leads software business and product management. She is an auto industry veteran who’s witnessed the digital revolution firsthand and the transformation of the CIO into a modern Chief Digital Officer or CDO. Having been a part of the pre-digital era of auto manufacturing, she now draws upon her unique experiential and educational background to seamlessly transition into an industry leader for the digital age.

Today, you’ll hear how she developed the skill set that’s made her so successful, what it was like stepping into a role that you have to invent as you go, and how she helped workers overcome their resistance to digitalization. You’ll also get a glimpse into the future of the in-cabin transportation experience, learn what it takes to turn an auto company into a technology company, and hear how more women are being encouraged to get involved in the technology industry with the help of role models like herself. And finally, what does a modern CIO do to relax when not on the job. Learn that and more in the final moments of this episode in our Rapid Fire section.

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