There seems to be no let up in the
Medium/Heavy truck sector, to the extent that Isuzu is no longer claiming to be the
world’s number one truck manufacturer. Output in May tumbled by 35.1% to 40,552 from
62,528, which took the YTD deficit to 29.3% at 251,162 from 355,423.

Isuzu has not been the worst hit in volume
terms, but whereas Toyota has seen output tumble by 37,803 units, they build at the lower
end of the spectrum. Toyota were the sector leaders before their 36.1% decline to 66,966
from 104,769, but Isuzu builds the bigger trucks and their drop to 79,586 from 90,726
brings more pain than the pleasure of being at the top of the table might have brought.
Nissan, hard pushed in almost every other area, is the one manufacturer building more this
year than last, at 34,745 from 31,288.