Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is one of the most diversified metals and mining companies, which has operations in almost 20 countries and is headquartered in Luxembourg. On behalf of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), where ERG is a founding member and its CEO is a Co-Chair, the company is a Category Award Winner for Innovation and Product Launches in the 2023 Just Auto Excellence Awards.

ERG is recognised for its joint work with other GBA members in developing the Battery Passport.

With batteries forming a key part of the energy transition, there is an increased focus on the environmental and social impact of their production and how to track and measure this effectively.

The Battery Passport, which was launched at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2023, intends to establish a digital twin of a physical battery, built on distributed ledger and blockchain technology. Pilots of the Passport unveiled in Davos and accessible on the GBA website include example data from Tesla, Audi, and other partners from across the global value chain.

The Passport contains key information about sustainability and lifecycle requirements, including material provenance, the battery’s chemical make-up and its manufacturing history.

Standardising this core data will improve the transparency across the supply chain, which in turn should raise the sustainability standards.

In line with this the GBA members’ aim to create a quality seal based on the battery’s sustainability performance, that is agreed by the industry and other stakeholders.

Battery Passport’s role in underpinning a responsible battery value chain has been endorsed during global policy discussions, including in the G7 Leaders’ Meeting, the draft EU Directive on Batteries and by the Canadian and US administrations.

GBA aims to establish a sustainable and inclusive battery value chain by 2030. The GBA members include leading businesses, international organisations, government bodies, NGOs and research institutions.

Battery passports will become a mandatory requirement in the EU by 2026, with other regions also likely to follow suit.

Company Profile

ERG is a leading diversified natural resources group with operations in almost 20 countries and over 80,000 people working for it globally, making it one of the largest employers in the global industry. One of the leading producers of cobalt, a large producer of copper, aluminium, high-grade iron ore, and one of the major suppliers of ferroalloys, ERG’s metals and minerals support green energy transition and large infrastructure projects. ERG is a co-founder of the Global Battery Alliance, the largest multi-stakeholder consortium in the energy storage space comprising more than 150 members.

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9, rue Sainte Zithe, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg L-2763