Lear Corporation has announced the strategic acquisition of InTouch Automation, a supplier of Industry 4.0 technologies and complex automated testing equipment critical in the production of automotive seats. 

Lear says InTouch’s product portfolio fits with Lear’s Industry 4.0 strategy of implementing technologies designed to automate the testing and validation of components and finished seats. These high-tech solutions also give Lear a greater ability to collect and analyze real-time data while standardizing testing procedures throughout its just-in-time (JIT) seating production process. 

“This acquisition is another step in increasing Lear’s automation and manufacturing flexibility,” said Frank Orsini, Lear Executive Vice President and President, Seating. “We welcome InTouch employees and their impressive legacy of excellence in innovation, quality and safety to the Lear family.”

InTouch, founded in 2006, is privately owned and based in Novi, Mich. Key products include End of Line (EOL) testing equipment for complete seats, in-process testing equipment for JIT seating, automation of EOL testing, industrial multi-use seat connectors and autodocking.