Autonomous driving, one of the most ambitious technologies in the automotive industry, paves the way to a new era of mobility characterised by unprecedented efficiency, enhanced road safety and passenger comfort, reduced traffic congestion and emissions, and broader accessibility.

Industry giants are increasingly partnering with innovative software companies to join the race for creating the safest and the most stress-free autonomous vehicle solutions by leveraging new-age digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Finding the best autonomous driving technology companies

Just Auto has listed some of the top autonomous driving companies providing technology based on its intel, insights and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes developers and providers of innovative, flexible, and scalable technological solutions for different levels of automated driving for passenger cars as well as heavy commercial vehicles, including forklift trucks and cargo movers.

The list also includes companies specialised in autonomous vehicle system testing, verification and validation, as well as autonomous driving companies that have successfully demonstrated commercial, autonomous ride-hailing services.

The information contained within the download document is designed for automotive and mobility industry leaders, designers, engineers, consultants, system integrators, technicians, service managers and mechanics, and other executives and technology leaders involved in automotive design, production, and servicing.

The download contains detailed information on autonomous driving solutions suppliers and their product lines, along with contact details to aid your purchasing or partnering decision.

Autonomous driving solutions

As automakers move closer to making intelligent and autonomous mobility a reality, self-driving cars will require reliable and cyber-resilient technical solutions to ensure smooth, crash-free mobility, enhanced functional and road safety, ultimate passenger comfort, and increased consumer trust in autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous driving systems comprise a combination of intelligent vehicle sensors, cameras, radars, high-performance computers, smart control systems and actuators, and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) software.

These components enable the vehicle to precisely perceive and interpret its surroundings and interior and accordingly plan and execute the most appropriate driving strategy on its own without requiring a human operator.