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Global light vehicle sales rate down in January

Key markets see selling rates fall back in January, according to GlobalData

ASEAN 2024 sales projected to marginally increase with a lower sales outlook in Malaysia

ASEAN 2024 light vehicle sales forecast to increase 1%, according to GlobalData

Western European diesel share sees small uptick in January

According to GlobalData, January saw another month of low MoM variation in the share of new diesel car sales in the region

Western European car market falls slightly in January

According to GlobalData, the Western Europe car market selling rate fell slightly in January

Indian market hits a new record in 2023

GlobalData analysis shows that the Indian market hit a new record for the second consecutive year in 2023

China’s auto industry hit record highs in 2023

GlobalData report shows China light vehicle wholesales up 23% in December

Malaysia overtakes Thailand as the second largest ASEAN market in 2023

Thailand’s market was hit in 2023 by weak sales of pickups

Western Europe’s diesel share for 2023 was 15.8%, 2.5pp down on 2022 

This is very close to the figure seen in December 2022, according to GlobalData

Global light vehicle sales finish strong in December

This result extends a strong run since mid-year, according to GlobalData

Western European car market rises again in December

Passenger car sales in Western Europe rose again in December according to GlobalData